"It's the greatest thing
I have ever done for myself."

Debbie Pope is one of the many local citizens benefiting from a remarkable new procedure, Radial Keratotomy. Since the late 1970's over a million nearsighted men and women have reduced or eliminated their dependence on glasses or contact lenses through this form of refractive surgery.

Debbie's family and friends were a big influence in her deciding to have the procedure performed. Several family members and friends had already had the procedure and all recommended it.

"I had wanted since a child to not have to wear glasses. I even tried contact lenses with no success. Now, not only do I not even wear glasses, but my peripheral vision is excellent and I can even see to drive at night. My vision is actually 20-20."

Debbie was concerned about any pain during the procedure but that concern proved to be unfounded. "The five little incisions in each eye took less than five minutes each and there was no pain whatsoever during the procedure or later-just like my family and friends said."

"I have since taken up golf and it has made a huge difference in my game. For the first time I can actually see where the ball lands!"

"I can't tell you how excited I am to have the RK procedure. When I get up in the morning, I can see...it's the greatest thing I have ever done for myself!"


Debbie Pope

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