"I can see clearly now . . . .is my new theme song!"

"The day after my LASIK procedure by Dr. Norris, I was awakened by my sister serenading me with the song, "I can see clearly now... and WOW, she was right! Is what Consuela McGowan, surgery and recovery room nurse, full time RN student at Motlow State Community College, community Basic Life Support instructor and water sports enthusiast remembers most about her LASIK procedure!

I started wearing glasses when I was 10 years old and contacts at age 12, and have been wearing them ever since. Besides the every day hassles, wearing contact lenses or glasses often affected my work and leisure time too! When I'm not working or studying, I'm at the lake. I love to swim and ride the jet ski, but neither are much fun when you are worrying about losing your contacts or unable to see at all! Now I'm enjoying my water sports more than ever before!"

"After talking with Dr. Norris and his staff, I knew LASIK was for me! They were so helpful and supportive and with my nursing background, I felt totally safe and comfortable with having the procedure done - right here in Tullahoma!"

"Lots of my friends and co-workers were waiting to see how I did before they made their decision, and I think my new theme song says it ALL!"

Consuela McGowen

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