"RK Surgery has helped in everything I do."

Like all of us David Jackson depends on his eyesight for quality work. And in his work he did not need the hassle of contact lenses or glasses. That's why he opted for the surgery over a million have had - Radial Keratotomy or RK, performed right here at home by Hunter Norris, M.D., of the Eye Care Center.

Like most people, David knew RK surgery was available but was skeptical until he asked a friend who had the surgery. David heard nothing but positive results. After consulting with other patients, he finally decided RK surgery was the best choice, and now he knows he was right!

"It is great not having to worry about glasses and contacts, especially late at night when I'm too tired to deal with them. Plus, I can finally see distances with no problem and it makes my job a lot easier."

Although everyone told him he would feel nothing, David was concerned about the procedure itself. "The surgery was painless. I was pleasantly surprised; I didn't believe it at first. No pain! Plus Dr. Norris and his staff are to pleasant to work with!"

"RK surgery has affected everything I do. Whether I am working at the computer, refereeing a game, or reading a book, I can finally see. I'm such a believer in the surgery, I've sent five people to Dr. Norris for an evaluation."

David Jackson

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