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How does no stitch, no needle, no patch, and no bleeding sound for cataract surgery? You might ask does it hurt or how does the ophthalmologist anesthetize the eye? We just use numbing drops and the same solution inside the eye. There will be some IV sedation as needed also. The surgery can be done through your local hospital or surgery center in Tullahoma, Shelbyville, Fayetteville or Winchester. With the Eye Care Center we still accept insurance or Medicare with supplement payment, but you might need a referral from your eye doctor or physician. We are quite proud of our working relationship with optometrists and would manage your case in concert with them.

Before we put the cart before the horse, a cataract is a clouding of the naturally-occurring lens that typically can interfere with night driving early on in the process of progression. Cataracts don't necessarily affect only older folks, but in cases of trauma, use of predisone medication, multiple medical problems, and family history, there can be cataracts at an early age.

We typically try conservative treatment such as a change in glasses to improve the vision first. If glasses haven't improved the vision, then surgery may be necessary.

At the time of surgery, the cataract is replaced by a man-made plastic lens that typically is foldable to keep the wound small. Any astigmatism is usually also reduced with the placement of the wound. This usually allows for vision after surgery that is more independent of glasses.

Also, Eye Care Center ophthalmologist, Dr. Hunter Norris, has implanted several of the first generation bifocal implants known as the Array and most recently many of the second generation bifocal implants called the Alcon Restore. These types of implants, which are not covered by Medicare and require extra payment by Medicare beneficiaries beyond what Medicare pays for surgery, are designed to enable the patient to see well far away and equally as well up close without glasses. However, there are other bifocal implants that will be released soon onto the market as well.  Also, the new Alcon Infinity Cataract Removal System, which uses phacoemulsification in a torsional mode as well as a traditional longitudinal mode, allows surgeons to remove cataracts in actually four different settings depending on the severity of the cataract itself. This Infinity machine is one of the few in the area recently purchased by the Tullahoma Surgery Center.” 

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